Bộ lọc FM 1kW

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This low pass filter directional coupler uses voltage doubler diode detectors to provide a DC voltage at the forward and reflected test ports. This coupler is ideally suited for VSWR protection circuits.

Filter Specifications
86-110MHz 1000 watts maximum. 
9th order Chebyshev typology. 
Ultra low loss Teflon PCB; tightly controlled dielectric constant. 
large #8 awg inductors. 
0.12 dB insertion loss maximum; 0.1dB typical. 
-28dB return loss; -33dB typical. 
-47dB rejection at 176MHz. That's the 1st harmonic of 88MHz

Directional Coupler Specifications
Directivity: 25dB typical 
Detector output level: 2.5 volts max at 108MHz, 1000W. 
Detector typology: Voltage doubler schottky detector.